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Connecting Business To Government

We have 10 years of industry expertise advising businesses on starting or accelerating their federal sales – cost-effectively with exceptional results. We work with small and large businesses to accelerate corporate strategy, win contracts, and increase revenue.

We are not just an adviser – we are a trusted partner.

Meet Our Team

Louis Fitzgerald

Founder, Nexus Universal

With over 10 years in the government market, Mr. Fitzgerald specializes in the development and implementation of techniques and strategies required to differentiate, position for, and win government contracts. His techniques and strategies facilitate improved positioning, competitive advantage, and sales cycle acceleration for winning new contracts and increasing revenue.

With nationally recognized and award-winning strategies, Nexus Universal has facilitated more than a million in government contracts for its clients.

An avid travel enthusiast, he is a former Marine Corps Staff Non-Commissioned Officer with a Master of Business Administration degree in Finance, an Undergraduate degree in Business Management, and a Certificate in Leadership.

Dayana Higgins

Partner, Nexus Universal

She has been consulting and mentoring small, mid-market, and large businesses for more than 10 years, successfully designing and facilitating business strategies to accelerate client revenue in both commercial and government markets.

With superb interpersonal skills, she specializes in understanding a client’s business objectives and facilitating the necessary capture, sales, marketing, and operational activities necessary to achieve growth in both commercial and government markets. Ms. Higgins brings an extensive and diverse corporate consulting background that provides Nexus Universal’s clients with a wealth of knowledge and expertise.

Prior to Nexus Universal, Ms. Higgins successfully managed her own consulting firm and worked for one of the world’s most renowned luxury hotels in Miami Beach, Florida. As a result, this allowed her to tap into an elite market of contacts worldwide and has also provided her with a unique insight in developing business strategies. Dayana has an extensive background not only in what it takes to grow a company, but a strong background in Federal Acquisition.